Jul 10, 2009 - Week Twelve Article
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Let's Hit One Downtown for Down Syndrome... Friday, August 7th!!!

The Over the Hill Gang is once again gearing up for its annual charity fundraiser. Please save the date, Friday, August 7th at Allen Park. This year the league is teaming up with Long Islandís Greatest Hits radio station, B-103, to raise money for children with Down Syndrome. The eveningís festivities will include an appearance by radio personalities Wiseman and Frank, refreshments, a night of softball, a magic show and valuable raffle prizes. Everyone is welcome. It is a great night to spend some time with your friends and neighbors while raising money for a fantastic cause. It is also your chance to see if your neighbor across the street can really play softball!

7:00pm - Moby Drugs versus Barco Construction - 90ft field

The Barco Boys continued their winning ways, as they were able to edge out Moby Drugs 12-7 in a well-played game. This was Barcoís finest game of the year, combining their timely hitting along with their best defensive effort. Barco fell behind by four after Moby scored 3 in the 4th but were able to shut Moby down from then on, allowing only one more run over the next five innings. Meanwhile Barcoís offense came to life, scoring 2 in the 4th on Kevin Moloney Ďs 2 run HR, then five more in the 6th to go up 9-7 with the big blow being Russ Grahamís 3 run blast. Both Kevin and Russ drove in 4 to lead Barco. The offense then provided some breathing room with a 3 run 8th on RBI hits from Kevin Moloney, Dave Saur and Bill White. Also coming up big offensively were Bill White and Steve Jacobson with 3 hit nights. Stand out defensive plays by Dennis Ryan, Steve Jacobson and Russ Graham kept Moby from generating many scoring opportunities and snuffing out potential rallies. Honorable mention goes to first basemen Jim Weilmann and Tony Ranieri, who were able to see and catch Russís darts in spite of the blinding sun (although it may also have been a matter of self preservation). Steve Jacobsonís feet may have finally touched down by now as he earned bragging rights over his best buds, to say he was wired for this game would be an understatement.

8:20pm - Bar-Boy versus Changing Times Pub - 60ft field

Changing Times Pub played well, but lost to Bar-Boy, 16-12. Danny Haas pitched a good game and had 2 hits. Others providing offensive support were John Ochwat (2 hits), Dave Thornburn (3 hits), Ed Cullen (2 hits), Brad Krauss (2 hits), John Hughes (2 hits), Anthony Porpora (2 hits), Jack Scherer (2 hits), Charlie Conners (2 hits) and Rob Biscof (2 hits). One of the highlights of the game was Jerry Iavarone hitting a ball to center field for extra bases. GO JERRY! After 11 games, Changing Times Pub is 5-5-1

9:40pm - Granny O'Shea's Pub versus Zwanger Pesiri Radiology - 60ft field

Granny O'Sheas Pub beat Zwanger Pesiri Radiology 18-7. The win was only the second of the year for Granny's, the 2007 Champs. Gary Innes, Mitch Maghakian and Don Carlin lead the offense with 4 hits each while scoring a total of 8 runs and driving in 10. Both teams defense's shone while turning double plays and making running catches in the outfield, including Jerry Mazza's sliding catch in left field. Things were going Granny's way until the 7th inning when Mitch Maghakian twisted his knee while running the bases. With Mitch now side-lined, Granny's had to play with 9 fielders for the remaining 3 frames. Bob Thompson pitched an outstanding game allowing Zwanger to score only 2 runs in the final innings thus preserving the victory for Granny O'Shea's.

For Zwanger, Ira Berger and rookie John Hernandez were the lone bright spots as the team continues to struggle. Both players had three hits on the night and Hernandez was solid at shortstop. Rumor has it that Joe Manning will make a special guest appearance Friday night. Everyone looks forward to his return.

9:40pm - Lockie & Nowachek versus Autocraft - 90ft field

It was a typical night between Autocraft and Lockie and Nowachek Family Chiropractors, a close battle all the way. Autocraft stayed on top with late inning clutch offense, beating L&N 18-9. It was a pitcherís duel between two old veterans, Richie Dargie and Tommy Giorelli. If you combine their two ages, it adds up to over 200. But Autocraft put together two key double plays with John Garrity to Aldo Balducci, to Joe "Scoop" Lutz. Brian Landi (4 for4) hit a killer home run to left center that shot Autocraft into a lead they would not give up, and there was more. Tommy Vanasco went 4 for 4 with a homer, as did Denny "Ace- Pro Hitter" Oehl. Also adding big nights at the plate were Benny Macchia (4 for 4), Davey Rubino, Joe Lutz, and Richie Dargie.

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