Oct 16, 2009 - Reilly Cup Round 5
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8:30pm - Bar Boy versus Barco Construction - 60ft field

Barco’s season came to a disappointing conclusion with their loss to Bar Boy (11-4) on Oct 16th that eliminated them from the tournament. Their bats unfortunately went into hibernation during the past three games, which was not helped by the sporadic schedule. The 2009 season turned out to be very successful for Barco as they bounced back from three sub-par seasons ending up with the league’s best record (12-3) and winning the NL Division. The team would like to express their gratitude to Artie Bartone of Barco Construction for his continuing generosity as the team’s sole sponsor for the past 21 years. Dave Diamond again returned and did his usually terrific job in keeping the team’s scorebook and being the team’s 17th player. Also special thanks go out to the wives who showed up week in and out providing their support. Congratulations to Singletons in repeating as tournament champs.

8:30pm - Autocraft versus Moby Drugs - 90ft field

Autocraft beat Moby Drugs 18-12 in weather better suited for football. Despite the cold, both teams stood up to the challenge. While Autocraft pitcher Richie Dargie struggled at times, he kept Moby from mounting any big innings. The big hitter this night was Bob Huebner who came up three times with multiple men on and brought them in. Joe Lutz looked like his old self with an “almost homer” (triple). Others with good nights at the plate were Denny “Ace” Oehl, Brian Landy, Mike Fierretti, Aldo Balducci, Benny Macchia and Tommy Vanasco.

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