Jun 06, 2008 - Week Eight Article
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Changing Times' Charlie Ginley
with a base hit..
Moby Drugs' Scott Entwistle
fielding 2nd base...

Zwanger Pesiri's Jerry Mazza at first... Granny O'Shea's 2008 Team Photo

7:00pm - Changing Times versus Granny O'Shea's - 90ft field

Granny O'Shea's hosted Changing Times on the 90' field.  O'Shea's had a 10 man crew as injuries and family travel started to affect the lineup.  As coach Al Celeste shifted the men around the field, Grannys broke out for an 8 run first inning highlighted by a 3 run home run to left center by Brian Mulcahy. From the 4th through the 6th inning, each time CT would look to get back in the game, O'Shea's would answer with more runs.  For Grannys, a three run home run by Don Carlin in the fourth and a 3 run shot by Bob Kirk in the 6th helped keep the distance. In the 7th and 8th innings O'Shea's put the game out of reach as Al Celeste and Walter Hasemann delivered RBI singles while Bruce Kubart drove in two of his own. The final score was 21-11 for Granny O'Shea's. Jay Donovan chipped in an RBI and run scored while Andy Cohen scored twice.  Bob Meyers had a good night on the mound as he held down Changing Times bats.  Finally, thanks to Mickey Newbeck for visiting and rooting on the team. Granny O'Shea's wishes him continued good luck and we all hope his DL stint ends soon.

8:20pm – J Two Lounge versus Moby Drugs - 60ft field

The bats were on fire for Moby Drugs Friday night as they beat J-Two Lounge 21-11. Moby scored in almost every inning and banged out 30 hits. Jerry Nardone started the hit parade in the 1st inning belting a triple that led to 3 runs. In the 2nd, back to back hits by Vinny Misuraca, Paulie Nardone and Henry Hasemann scored 4 more runs. And in the 4th, Hasemann blasted a homer as Moby pulled away.

8:20pm – Zwanger Pesiri versus Mer's Pub - 90ft field

Zwanger Pesiri staged a spirited comeback against Mers Pub, but wasn’t able to finish the job. Mers won a 24-22 slugfest. In the 7th and final inning, ZP banged across 11 runs to cut into a huge Mers lead, but Mers turned a crucial double-play and held on for the last out with the bases loaded. With Mers missing their regular pitcher, ZP’s offense was aided by numerous walks. Brian Tinney reached base every time up. Jerry Mazza had 4 hits, T Ball had 3. Bino Reverberi and Tyrone Clark had two each.

9:40pm - Barco versus Hampton Air - 60ft field

Barco’s erratic play and season continued in their loss to Hampton Air, falling 19-9. The team had high hopes their play was taking a turn for the better as they came off an impressive win the previous week, but those hopes quickly vanished as their fielding woes continued which contributed to Hampton Air opening up a huge 16-1 lead after 5. The Barco bats did come alive and put together an 8 run 6th to make the score respectable but it was too little too late to overcome such a large deficit. Unfortunately they fell silent again over the next 2 innings as well while Air responded with another 3 in their half of the 6th icing their victory. Contributing to Barco’s offense with 2 hits apiece were Jim Hose, Steve Jacobson, Gary Jambor and Kevin Maloney who also had 2 RBIs.

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