Oct 10, 2008 - Reilly Cup Round 4
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Jeff from J2 Lounge... Hampton versus M&T...

M&T setting up behind the plate... Hey, how you all doing...
Some Misc pictures submitted by J2 Lounge and Cathy Ginley

8:20pm - Zwanger Pesiri versus Mers - 90ft field

Zwanger Pesiri beat Mers Pub 15-6 to stay alive in the Over the Hill Gang post-season tournament.  Fifteen runs did not hurt the cause, but this victory was mostly about defense.  ZP turned five double plays, three started by winning pitcher Brian Tinney.  Rich D'Amico had another outstanding game at shortstop, while Tyrone Clark and Pete Mendelson made all the plays at second base.  Marc Fisher was also solid at third.  On offense D'Amico had three hits while Fischer, Joe Manning, Joe Algerio, Pete Mendelson, Tom "T" Ball, John Defalco and Jerry Mazza all had two each in a well-balanced attack.  And ZP sends its best to Karl Dessel's daughter, Denise, as she bounces back from emergency surgery.

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